Graphic and textile designer, Pascale Gauthier started working at the workshop Paul Harguittai Paris, specializing in creating textile designs and then she quickly directed her work to creating contemporary rugs by working first for society Jamdpal then the publisher of contemporary rugs Sam Laïk before launching her own collection.

The carpet is universal, people around the world make use of it since the dawn of time. Each region of the world registered its style and know-how, its recurrent motifs to infinity, it is an inexhaustible source of creation, in addition, the carpet has the power to bind the furniture and objects of our interiors, It sublimates the soil and it is especially friendly, it is often around him that we met, we can say that this is a major element of decoration.

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Since 1998, Pascal Gauthier designed templates carpet broadcast by companies Jamdpal, Sam Laïk and Roche Bobois who have had real success. The press:

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