Tufted and carved by hand, our carpets are manufactured as artisanal and following traditional methods of tuft*.

They are made of wool from New Zealand known for its high quality. You should know that wool has the particularity to regulate humidity, it holds when there are too many releases and when the air dries.

Canvas side laces for a perfect finish, its weight is about 5 kg per m2.

We guarantee excellent quality .


Vacuum your carpet regularly. Clean up tasks with soap (marseille) neutral on a damp sponge and then rinse (never with lot of water). If you can, return it on snow and finally, whether at one time or another your carpet needs a cleaning, it is better to entrust it to a house specialty.

* Technical Tufts:

A very finely woven canvas is stretched on a vertical frame. The design of the carpet is drawn by hand on the canvas after a model called "board" provided by the artist. After, the wool is implanted strand by strand on the back of the canvas with a pistol, then on the back of the carpet, apply a layer of latex. The carpet is then dropped out of loom is tensioned to front, flat on a frame to receive a second layer of latex which is plated on a canvas of finission.

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